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If you’re one of the 10 million Americans who live with fibromyalgia, you’re probably always looking for pain management options. You can incorporate medical foods into your pain management plan to reduce inflammation and improve nerve health throughout your body. Targeted Medical Nutrition, based in the Beverly Crest area of Los Angeles, California, produces a variety of medical food products, including Theramine® and Sentra AM®, which can help reduce fibromyalgia symptoms. Contact Targeted Medical Nutrition today to discover the medical food products that can help you manage fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia Q&A

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that causes musculoskeletal pain, tenderness, fatigue, and cognitive and sleep disruptions. The condition is often challenging to diagnose. Your fibromyalgia symptoms can vary from day to day, and change in severity. Also, there’s no single test to identify fibromyalgia, so there’s often a period of extensive testing while your physicians rule out other potential causes of your symptoms. 

Fibromyalgia causes disruptive multisite pain, sometimes called regions of pain. The condition also affects your energy levels and emotions, which can negatively impact your ability to cope with pain. 

How does nutrition affect fibromyalgia?

Your nutrition has an incredible impact on your body and health. It’s also emerging as a critical tool in managing fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia patients have well documented amino acid and nutrient deficiencies. Clinicians are increasingly recommending specific amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins, and nutrients to restore nervous system health and help reduce pain, improve fatigue and brain fog. For example, deficiencies in vitamins B and D can cause increased muscle pain. Additionally, eating a nutrient-rich diet improves your overall health and energy levels, which can help you cope with the painful and disruptive symptoms of fibromyalgia. 

How do medical foods fit into a fibromyalgia management plan?

Targeted Medical Pharma has spent over 15 years researching and developing medical food products that are proven to be effective at addressing the distinct nutritional requirements associated with fibromyalgia and helping to restore nervous system health for better symptom management. Theramine®, Sentra PM® and Sentra AM® are commonly recommended by physicians to address pain, fatigue and cognitive disorders without the dangerous side effects common to many drugs. 

Theramine promotes the cellular uptake of amino acids and other nutrients that support anti-inflammatory processes and influence how your body responds to pain signals. Using medical foods daily improves your nervous system’s ability to dampen the volume and frequency of pain and inflammatory signals. 

Sentra AM and Sentra PM provide the dietary factors that regulate your circadian rhythms, muscle function, alertness, memory and sleep function. These products can also influence your neuroendocrine response to stress. They increase the availability of glutamate, acetylcholine, and other neurotransmitters that regulate your nervous system function. 

If you’re interested in learning more about medical foods and how you can incorporate them into your fibromyalgia management plan, contact Targeted Medical Pharma today to learn more about their innovative and evidence-based products.